3 Questions To Ask Yourself If You're Ready To Live Your Dream

If your ship doesn't come in, swim out to meet it - Johnathan Winters

Are you living your dream

One thing potential entrepreneurs continuously ask me is what should I be doing to get started? Should I be researching business ideas? Should I be writing a business plan? Where can I go to get inspiration on a business?

Where I would start is by asking yourself three questions. Now, If I were to ask you these three questions in person, I would ONLY share them with you if you promised to take action. Because if there was any ONE thing that I see lacking with most people who think they want to become wealthy and those who know that they are going to be and that is ACTION.

Here are the three questions you MUST ask yourself to make independence your own reality.

1. Are you serious about REALLY living your dream?

2. Are you on the right track to get where you want to be?

3. What can you do today to get yourself closer to your dream?

That's it? You mean that's all you're going to give me Bina? C'mon - there has got to be some super-secret recipe that you can tell me that will start me on my way, ONE thing that will lead me on my path to millions?

One thing that I've also learned is that my path is completely different than anybody else's. I tried to do things exactly as others before had done, and it just doesn't work. Now, some similar things have been done before and will surely work. But what you want and what somebody else wants are two completely different things. That is why you won't hear me telling you how to do things.

I learned some time ago that this thing called your Why is what gets you going NOT the How. There are a ton of books by these so-called gurus that will tell you how to trade stocks or show you how they made millions by doing an infomercial. I love learning how they did it, but it might not necessarily be for me.

Alright, I hear you out there. Please show me something! Do you really want to make a million dollars or more? Do you want to know a business that will, if you are serious, take time to educate yourself and make smart business moves, you can become successful? Okay, it's Real Estate. It is time-tested and proven and I have several friends who are worth millions because of real estate.

Tell me, what's your HONEST reaction? Was it something like No kidding, I'm doing that already, Oh, I could never fix toilets at 2:00 AM, Should I flip houses, buy and rent? or was it Real Estate - nah too hard. The truth is real estate has created thousands of millionaires especially over the last 30 years, and personally, I've dipped my toe in it, but it doesn't excite me. So for many people who are interested in real estate as their passion - this works! For me, I'll probably buy some more real estate, because I know how to, but it won't be my primary focus. How about you?

Now go back to the three questions above, it is so easy to glance over the questions, but here's how you do it. Read question number one. Are you serious about REALLY living your dream? What is your life like today? Comfortable? Easy? Predictable? For many, the corporate culture creates an environment of Just below acceptable. You do a job that isn't too hard. You make enough to enjoy life. You have a house, a car or two, take a vacation or two a year and that works. After all, everybody else is in the same boat, right? So if you ask the question, are you serious? Many people will just say - NO. Because their lives are fine right now. Because of that fact, you can't move forward - you're not ready to go on. So while question number one may seem simplistic, it is the hardest question for MOST people to HONESTLY answer yes to.

Three simple questions. Three honest answers. That's all it takes to get you started.

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To your happiness and success!!

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