Deciding Whether or Not a Vision Board Works for You

When people think of visualization, most people's first thought is a vision board. Vision boards have been a useful tool for decades and can help to keep people on track in achieving their goals. However, a lot of people aren't aware that there are other ways that we can utilize visualization to work for us, and a vision board is only one possible step in the process of helping someone to achieve what they set out to do.

Vision Board vs. Visualization

There is a little bit of a difference when we consider a vision board versus visualization. Visualization is a way for us to really get it in our minds that we are living the life that we want and deserve, and to help us to take on the law of attraction, which will provide us with an abundance of the things we want and care about. However, a vision board is a useful tool, but it is also something that has a distinct purpose that is a little bit different from a lot of the traditional concepts about the laws of attraction.

That's not to say they can't be crucial in the process. However, some people may not find it helpful to have a vision board. They may prefer other techniques of visualization that help them to utilize the law of attraction. Rather than helping us to believe that we are living the life we want to live already and attracting more of the same, a vision board helps us to look at the life we want to live so that we will do everything in our power to make good choices at the moment that will help us to achieve our specific goals and dreams. 

Vision boards are goal-oriented. They help us to see the future that we want to have for ourselves and remind us to stay on track. Some people are already set when it comes to the goals they want to achieve. Some people may not like the added clutter in their office or the work it takes to cut and paste and create a visual collage in this manner. It doesn't have to be for everybody! Some people do need vision boards. If they have a hard time figuring out what they want out of life, or if they lack the motivation that they need to really get the ball rolling, vision boards can be great for these people.

But for others, who already have a firm grasp on the things they want to achieve and who are great and efficient with achieving their goals and staying organized, they might not need this type of vision board. Other types of visualization might prove better. Mind mapping, meditations, and affirmations may work better for these kinds of people.

Visualization is effective and it can work for anybody! But all people are different and different methods of it will appeal to different people. Don't feel bad if you don't think a vision board is for you. Instead, figure out what works and use it to your benefit so that you can change your life!

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To your happiness and success!!

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