Happy Looking Does Not Always Mean Healed

I had to...this may be triggering for some. Topic is suicide. 

The reality is, it is part of our reality. It happens. Is happening. Let that resonate.

No matter how much we increase awareness, we continue to have suicides. The craziest part is either I'm getting older, or younger are the humans that are taking their lives. I don't remember hearing of pre-teens taking their lives when I was growing up. We didn't exactly have the World Wide Web either to deliver news as far and wide at lightning speeds. 

Impact of the WWW

Most people have some sort of presence on social media. Some more than others but, the point is we have put ourselves out there. We have also allowed our children to be exposed as well. While some parents are extremely involved and aware of what their children access and are exposed to, they cannot control everything. Similarly, they also cannot control what their kids are exposed to by other kids or in public passing.

While the World Wide Web has its benefits (Google and Amazon for me), I can run you a list of the negatives. One that stands out to me is how much access people have to one another via the web and social media. Then consider, for as much good that is in the world, evil seems to have a greater impact.


Bullying is real. 
Cyberbullying is real. 
Abuse is real. 
Poverty is real.
Loneliness is real. 
Heartache is real. 
Physical pain is real. 
Mental illness is a reality for a lot of people. 

Sure, there is help out there. In a perfect world, everyone suffering would recognize when they need help. They would feel comfortable with seeking help and sharing their healing journey with their loved ones without fear of judgment. They would heal and go on to live a fruitful and happy life. Unfortunately, that is not the reality for everyone either.

What is reality?

Reality is that no one wants to ever know a friend or loved one is thinking of taking their life. The natural instinct for most is to want to help in any way possible. That loved one will appreciate you for being there for them. They will be forever grateful to you for seeing their life as valuable. Too bad we cannot control if that loved one is actually in a better headspace. 

How many times have we heard this after someone has committed suicide? 
"He/She was doing much better and in great spirits lately."

Pretty often right? The reality again is, when a person is ready to end their life, they see it as an act of not only freeing themselves but also their loved ones from the burden of dealing with them. In the mind of a person with a plan to take their life, happiness is just on the other side. There is a peace within. Often times, they will appear to be in great spirits to everyone, internally counting down.


I write this in hopes of letting someone, who may feel like they didn't do enough for their loved one know, you don't need to carry that weight anymore. Release it. They know you love them. Still.

Until next time, 

Remain P.O.I.S.E.D.

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