The Branding & Marketing Tools Every Entrepreneur Needs in 2022

The Branding & Marketing Tools Every Entrepreneur Needs in 2022 (Written by Johnnie Elliot)

Although it’s 2022, don’t let the date fool you into thinking that every tool you need now is going to be high-tech or expensive. Certainly, we have some big things on the horizon in terms of social media marketing and brand awareness.

Facebook is going to be moving into the world of virtual reality, and some major brands will no doubt jump in and claim their corner of the virtual world. But in another sense, some things don’t change at all.

The basics of good branding and marketing still apply. What’s great about the year we are in, is that there are more tools than ever to help us hit our targets.

Here are the branding and marketing tools every Entrepreneur needs in 2022, and most of them are surprisingly simple.


1. Simple Design Tools

Our first category is all about design, which is essential for both branding and marketing. These tools give you easy options to brand, or rebrand, without paying for a designer. You can use them across all of your online assets, from your social profiles to your landing pages.



Let’s begin with Colormind, which is a great app to start with when you are rebranding. Picking a new color palette can lead you down the path of over-thinking, procrastinating, and finally outsourcing through sheer frustration.

But if you can keep things simple and go with your gut, rather than over-analyze your choices, then you can save yourself time and money. Head to the app to scroll through endless color palette combinations, and pick the shades that speak to you.



This is a really easy-to-use, free tool to create a new logo. Or you could even refresh an old design. Simply pick a GraphicSprings template to start you off, or use the elements to build something new.



Canva has been around for years now and just keeps getting better. Use it on mobile or desktop to create branded marketing graphics for social media, branded thumbnail slides for YouTube, and so much more.


2. Social Scheduling Tools

Before we get into paying subscriptions for scheduling tools, do you know how much you can do for free?

Facebook has its own built-in scheduling tool for your Business Pages. Simply head to the side menu on your Page and it's in the Publishing Tools. No need to pay, or even leave the platform.

On YouTube, now that they have rolled out the Premiere function, we can all upload our videos and set them to play at a later date. This is ideal if you want to do your work during the day, but you know that your subscribers are online later in the evening.



In terms of scheduling for other platforms, Later is a fantastic tool. Using a content calendar view, you can schedule content across multiple platforms. This is a big time-saver for many Entrepreneurs who know the danger of logging directly into a platform, them getting pulled in by distractions.

Stay in your Later app to avoid temptation and focus on your workflow.

Missing Lettr

If you need a hand with repurposing and reusing old content, then check out Missinglettr. This app takes old blog posts from your website and creates year-long social media campaigns from them. You can get a lot of marketing mileage out of your old content if you use it wisely.


3. Email Marketing Tools

No Entrepreneur should ever be without an email list. There is a lot of choice on the market, but the best tools for small businesses are the simpler ones.

In the past, many new Entrepreneurs got pulled into investing in bigger, more complex (and expensive) software than was really needed. In truth, unless you are a large company, you are unlikely to really need all the features of something like Infusionsoft, for example.

Mailchimp or Convertkit 

Tools like Mailchimp and Convertkit have more features these days and can handle automation, sequences, tagging, and more.

Since the email marketing software market is a busy place now, subscription offers come up from time to time. If you need a new email marketing tool, then do shop around for a good deal.


4. SEO Writing Tools

Finally, we can’t forget to talk about SEO. As Google is always improving itself, SEO has become more accessible to us small business owners in recent years.

We no longer need to invest a chunk of budget into hiring an SEO agency, unless we really want to. There are many ways we can boost our ranking without breaking the bank.

Ink Pro

One of those ways is to make use of an SEO writing tool. There are a variety of different tools to choose from, with a variety of prices to match. Ink Pro is fairly new to the market but is a great all-in-one option.

It checks your spelling and grammar, alongside suggesting keywords and tasks to improve your chances of ranking.

To summarise, there is a huge choice of tools on the market to help Entrepreneurs with branding and marketing. These tools give us the power to do more in-house, without the need to outsource as much. In a recession, it is great to have the choice and more options to save the budget.

With that said, you don’t have to overdo things and get all the tools. Keep things simple and don’t overwhelm yourself. The simpler aspects of marketing never seem to go out of style. Email marketing will be relevant for many years to come, as will organic social and old-fashioned human interaction.

Sticking to doing the basics of branding and marketing well will serve you in 2022 and into the future.

To your happiness and success!!

Until Next Time! Stay Beautiful! 


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