Episode 30: The Incomparable Pavar Snipe

Join us for a candid conversation with powerful black women. The Anomalous Black Women Podcast features women who are killing it in their industry. Today's interview is with the incomparable Pavar Snipe. Diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis as a child, Pavar channels her experience with a lifelong disability into her comedy. Championing disability awareness, she amplifies the voice of that vastly underrepresented community. Listen NOW! You won't be disappointed.

Join us as we chat it up! We'll tell you what we think. Please leave comments! We hope you enjoy it!

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Connect with Pavar Snipe: www.pavarsnipe.com IG: @pavarsnipe | Facebook: @PavarComedy | Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbxp0ez1eOt9e8JFivPz8vA

Connect with Bina Banks: Goddess Bina: www.binaayesha.com | IG/Twitter/Clubhouse/TicTok: @iamcoachbina

Connect with Tasha Smith: Professor Poised (Tasha): www.allthingspoised.com | IG/Twitter/Clubhouse: @professorpoised

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