Bina Goes Au Naturale


The definition of au naturale is in the natural state; naked; nude. Let me just say that after 5 months of wearing weaves and wigs and braids, I felt naked! I have been transitioning from relaxed to natural since my 33rd birthday (January). I decided to weave it up so that the relaxer would grow out and I wouldn't be so quick to relax the new growth or just chop it off abruptly. Today I went and got the BIG CHOP. One reason was because my hair was just sooooo unmanageable and the relaxed part was starting to break off from the new growth. It turned out well thanks to my beautiful stylist Melissa, who is also a natural hair diva. After the process was complete, I decided to go to the beauty supply. Why did I feel self conscious? Like I was outside naked?!?! I could not believe how naked I felt without the weave or the braids or the wig. Did I really become that dependent on relaxed hair, weave, etc. that going out with the hair that grows naturally from my hair follicles made me feel less confident? Did my face change? No. Did I become less beautiful? No. So why did I feel like I was? As mind boggling as it seems, I realized that I had become dependent on these alterations as if I would be any less beautiful if they became non existent. So I tip my hat to all the natural hair divas. All the women who have decided to cut it all off and be more than just their hair. It takes a lot of confidence. Love you all! 


Thank you for reading!