Have You Answered Your Call to Serve?

Hey Guys and Dolls!!

I wanted to share some great news with you guys! I have been named the Virginia State Coordinator for the Quilts of Valor Foundation!! Some of you may be like what in the heck is the Quilts of Valor Foundation?! LOL! Well let me fill you in really quick!  

Quiltsof Valor Foundation is a grassroots group of quilters from all across the US. In 2003, a quilter named Catherine Roberts had the idea of comforting veterans with quilts during the time her son was deployed in Iraq. Since then, over 120,000 Quilts of Valor have been awarded here in the United States, and in Germany, Iraq and Afghanistan. 

It's really awesome how I happened to get this awesome position. I emailed the person that was on the website as the current coordinator for volunteering opportunities for myself as well as some of my Sorors of Alpha Gamma Xi Military Sorority. She emailed me back and let me know that she had taken on a new position and that the Virginia State Coordinator position was open. Lucky Me!! I put my name in he hat and they gave me the job. I'm just honored that they trust me to fulfill this position. As a veteran, it's an honor to be able to show appreciation to other veterans and to let them know that their service is/was not in vain!

Last weekend I was able to speak at the American Legion Auxiliary Convention. I also was able to AWARD three women veterans with their very own Quilts of Valor!! Check it out below.

If you are a veteran or if you know a veteran please go to www.QOVF.org and fill out the form to receive this awesome AWARD for your service. This quilt is not a gift or a present. It is an AWARD for the services and sacrifices that all veterans touched by war have experienced. If you live in the state of Virginia and you have any questions, please email me at rabbina.carter@QOVF.org. 

So what do you guys think? Too Much Info? Any additional questions? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for tuning in!! See you next time!

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