Help, I've Fallen!

     Have you ever fallen in public? I mean like really fallen and rolled a bit in front of a crowd of people? How did you handle that? Were you able to get up? Were you hurt? Were you embarrassed? Were you able to laugh at yourself? Most importantly, did life go on?

     It’s 2010, I’m stationed in Okinawa Japan. Here is where I skip the details of how I came to be the manager/trainer for the Okinawa Mystics, an island wide women’s basketball team for the sake of brevity. Maybe I’ll have the opportunity to share that another time. It is pretty funny actually but, back to the story.

     The Martin Luther King Jr Basketball Tournament is a big deal. Teams from all over the Pacific often find their way there and it’s usually a good family time. It’s halftime and I’m sitting up at the top of the bleachers being social. As halftime begins to wind down, I get up to descend the bleachers. I took two bleachers, no problem then my shoe got caught in my pant cuff and my life flashed before my eyes. There was nothing to stop this catastrophic event that was about to occur in front of all these people. I can remember the forward plunge down two more bleachers then the two rolling evolutions down the remaining bleachers to the court.

(those are the bleachers)

      In my mind, all I could think about was how fast I needed to get up as if the entire gym didn’t just witness this great fall. Of course, I was met with assistance up from the floor. Everyone concerned, ensuring I wasn’t badly injured but elated that they could chuckle about it because I was actually laughing myself. The rest of the game went on and the Mystics won the tournament that year. All was well in the world.

     Fast forward to 2011, Okinawa Japan, MLK Jr Tournament, same gym, practically the same crowd, halftime of the championship game just on the opposite side of the gym. Believe it or not, I took the exact same fall down the bleachers. I could not believe this was happening. Once again, I was assisted up from the floor and everyone got a chuckle because I was laughing just as I had the year before. For those that remembered 2010’s fall, they were in sheer disbelief that I had fallen again, the exact same way.

 (2011 culprit)

     Thinking back, the days following those falls had me pretty sore but, my life went on. I had not broken any bones from either fall so it was pretty easy for me to laugh my embarrassment off. I know I’m a bit clumsy at times so it was nothing for me to stand up, brush myself off and continue cheering the team on to another MLK Jr Tournament Championship.

 (Can you find me?)

     Often times I think about those falls and it amazes me how strong my will can be. I could have left those games with the excuse of pain to avoid feeling embarrassed for the remainder of the game but honestly, what for? I had fallen just like we sometimes fail but I got back up. Falling or failure is a part of becoming who you are. It is the portion of your story that inspires others. Knowing what I know now, my fall or failures in public are good things and how I handle myself after them is what most people remember. 

     It’s 2020, I’m writing about these memories today and I wouldn’t change those moments for anything. What I learned from this particular season of my life? In order to be a poised basketball manager/ trainer, you must never try to descend bleachers in heels and cuffed wide leg pants. Fashion mistake noted!

Until next time, remain...

Purposeful in your actions
Open to new ideas and adventures
In tune with self
Steady in your pursuits
Expecting great things

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