Motivational Monday: Are you wasting or investing your time?

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It's the first Motivational Monday of 2020!

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Time is the most precious value we have. Time is the greatest equalizer of human beings. It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, healthy or sick, you will only have 24 hours a day either way, and you should try to use them wisely.

More often than not, we waste our time and energy worrying and thinking about things that we cannot control. When we do this, we usually forget about the most important thing – the time in which we need to live. A wise man will always tell you: “You can always make more money, but you can never buy more time”.

How many times are we aware of the ways we invest our time? And the word “investment” is the most accurate because the way we choose to spend our time is a true investment in ourselves and our own lives. You will never find the true value of time in the way people around you act and talk.

People usually spend time in front of the TV, or they spend a lot of time browsing the net with no purpose whatsoever. Some of us even try to steal more time with the cost of many unhealthy sleep hours. If you can wake up earlier in the morning to smoke a cigarette or to grab an extra cup of coffee, then you have time to invest in yourself and your life. Also, inefficient work or spending more hours at work than you have to is equal to borrowing your life to someone else.

Everyone always says things like: “I’m just counting the hours to go home” or “I wish it were Friday” on a Monday and so on. These are just signs that those persons usually waste their time. If you organize your time efficiently and if you choose to do only activities that motivate you somehow, then you will find yourselves able to work everyday without feeling tired or sleepy.

At any moment that you just let time pass by you think about what Romans said:”Carpe Diem” – it has a great meaning for our everyday life, it means “Seize the day” or better said “Organize your day”. Make more time to analyze the way you invest or waste your time. And never forget that you can’t tell anything about tomorrow so “Carpe Diem!”

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