What the Flippin' Fizzy is wrong with me? (The origin of Professor Poised.)

Greetings BAye Hive, guests, family, friends and foes! Life is happening whether we like it or not. Many around us are dealing with issues invisible to us and because of the person they present, we would never know. To bring it even closer, you yourself may be dealing with something you have yet to identify or yet to admit. Either way, something is not normal for you. You may have asked yourself the question very recently perhaps. What the flippin’ fizzy is wrong with me?


Many have asked where did Professor Poised come from? Professor Poised is simply the woman I am, really. I am, she is perfect in her own way. I am, she is purposeful, open-minded, in tune with herself, steady in her pursuits, and expecting great things daily. The twist to this story is that I engage in a daily battle mentally. There is literally at battle at night and one in the morning. Often, I encounter these battles throughout the day but the intensity isn’t as high as those that occur in the morning and at night. I’m speaking of depression and it’s major.


This is where things get interesting with this depression thing. I literally live a life some people would love and still it is hard to be my happiest majority of the time. I am living my P.O.I.S.E.D. life; goals are set and celebrating milestones. In the process I am learning and embracing new things and ideas and I am pretty aware of my state of mind. Although at one time I felt like I was behind in life, I finally realized I can still do whatever it is I want to do. If something doesn’t go as expected, at least I can say I tried and I learned from the experience. Well then, what the flippin’ fizzy is wrong with me right?


The answer is something and nothing. Depression is a mental health disorder that causes me to think and feel as if I am unworthy, incapable of doing anything good, often making it difficult to accomplish the simple requirements of daily living. With the right combination of medication(s) and therapy, life can be pretty normal. If at any time these things are altered for a period of time, longer than a month for me, life gets difficult.


It took a few years for me to realize something was changing in me. I needed to know what the flipping fizzy was wrong with me? I eventually sought medical treatment and much later, excepted happy pills with my regular therapy. Finally finding a treatment plan that works well for you is life-changing or maybe rejuvenating. With either word, things are beginning to look up and the future brighter because truth be told, there is nothing the flippin’ fizzy wrong with you or me. We were uniquely created for our very own purpose but we have to be around to fulfill it. 


Professor Poised is my opportunity to shine. No doubt Tasha shines but Professor Poised to me is what Sasha Fierce is to Beyonce. I would imagine Sasha was always a part of Beyonce. She just needed to evolve and then be released. Professor Poised is evolving and preparing for the release when the evolution and healing is complete.

My Take.

If you have asked yourself what the flippin fizzy is wrong recently, there are a few things that I would suggest doing. Go for a general physical exam if it has been over 12 months since your last doctor’s visit. If it’s not a physical issue, and those charts are current, seek mental health counseling. Make sure all denied test request or actions are noted in your health records. 

Take it from me, trying to wait some things out will not make them go away. The catch is you must take action for anything to begin to change beginning with the acknowledgement or confrontation of the issue. It is only after acknowledgement that you can begin to understand the symptoms, impact and finally, how to persevere. Assess your current self and take action if you need to. If you are asking yourself what the flippin' fizzy is wrong with me, chances are this may be your first warning sign something needs to be assessed, addressed or both. 

Until next time, remain…

If you'd like to contact Professor Poised for an upcoming event you may be having in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area, you can reach her at info@poisedaffairsevents.com or visit  www.poisedaffairsevents.com.