Motivational Mondays!!

Hey Guys and Dolls!! It's MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY! We all need a little motivation to start the week off, right? I know I do! Each Monday, I will post a motivational photo. I hope it pushes you on to continue to be great and to shine your light onto someone else! 

Photo Credit (here)

I have been literally killing myself trying to be everything to everyone. You will be hard pressed to hear me say no to people if I feel they need me. I have been going to the point where my body has LITERALLY been crashing. It's time for me to stop saying yes and maybe and start saying NO. Successful, healthy people know how to say NO. You can't give so much of yourself that you have nothing left over for YOU. 

Do you have a favorite motivational quote? Comment below! I'd love to read it! Thanks for tuning in! See you next time!